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Corona measures

In addition to the hygiene plan (see below), which was valid before Corona, we naturally wear face masks and only work if we have no symptoms suspected of being corona. We also expect this from our customers. In the event that someone should have forgotten their face mask, surgical masks are available.

Test strategy

We test ourselves daily with a corona self-test and also make this available to our customers free of charge. For face treatments that require the mask to be removed, tests are required by the RLP country. Either an official negative test result must be brought with you, or it must be carried out in our practice before the treatment. For all other treatments, a test is voluntary, but we welcome it.


In order to protect everyone's health, we have decided to only carry out consultations during the corona period online, so that we only spend time together in closed rooms for treatment.

To do this, book on our booking page

the service: "consultation".

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