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  • Consultation
    We are happy to offer you a free and non-binding consultation. Here is an explanation of our methods and the treatment process, as well as other important information. On request, we will also perform a small sample treatment on a surface of 10x10 cm, so that you can get an impression of how a treatment will feel.
  • What happens during a treatment?
    Cold gel is applied to the shaved area to be treated. Then a number of light pulses are directed to the surface. The light is absorbed by the hair and converted into heat in the hair shaft. It reaches in the hair root for a fraction of a second about 70 degrees and thus destroys the protein in the hair root. This hair root is now destroyed and cannot continue to grow. The remaining hair of this destroyed hair root will fall out after 10-14 days and will never come back.
  • What do I have to consider before and after treatment?
    It is important to avoid sunlight on the surface to be treated so that the skin does not turn brown (the greater the contrast between skin and hair, the more successful the treatment). You should not sunbathe for 4 weeks before treatment or cover the area to be treated well. After treatment, avoid two weeks of sun (and solarium) or cover the area or cream with a sunscreen with SPF 30-40. Please also discontinue epilating, waxing and plucking 4 weeks before, because the follicle can not be destroyed with the plucked out hairs. For the sake of your skin, you should stop using chemical hair removal at least one week before the treatment. Of course you can shave daily or as often as you want. Please shave the area you want treated on the day of treatment. From ((After)) the second treatment you can shave the hair hair so that 1 millimeter is above the skin. By no means more than 1 mm. This applies to the intimate area only after the second treatment.
  • Do I have to shave my lady beard?
    Dear ladies. It is important for you to know that the area to be treated must be shaved before treatment. This is because if it is not shaved, the energy on the skin surface fizzles and is not directed to the hair root. Waxing and plucking must be stopped 4 weeks before the treatment, so that the remaining hair can direct the light to the hair root.
  • Do I have to shave my back?
    Backs can also be shaved before treatment in the studio, but only dry and and therefore the result will not be as good as if it were done wet at home. There are always hairs left and the hair roots of these hairs are not destroyed. So it's in your best interest to look for someone to shave you before the treatment.
  • How much time is needed for a treatment?
    This depends entirely on the size of the treatment region. For example, you can count on 15 minutes for the armpits, 45 minutes for the lower legs (without consultation).
  • Why are several treatments needed?
    The treatment is only effective when the hair is in the growth phase (Anagen). Because only here is a (hair) - connection between the skin surface and hair follicles present, which directs the light, or the heat through the melanin in the hair (hair color) to the hair follicles, so that it can be destroyed by the heat. Only about 20%of the hair is in the growth phase at one time. Of these, 60-80% are destroyed during a session.
  • How many treatments do I need?
    Of course this is a very important question for you. Nevertheless, I can not give you an exact answer because it depends on several different factors. Everyone has a different skin and hair color, as well as a different hair growth cycle. Equally different is the hair growth cycle and hair density in a human from region to region. That's why we can only talk about experience. The lie for example in female legs between 4-7 times. For armpits and bikini you have to count on the 10 treatments, because we are usually much hairy there
  • Is the treatment painful?
    The treatment is almost painless. You will only feel a slight tingling and short heat sensations.
  • What sets IPL apart from laser epilation?
    The difference lies in the wavelength which is used by the technology. Laser operates at a single fixed wavelength (eg 810nm at the diode laser) IPL, on the other hand, uses the full spectrum of the xenon light source (the harmful is filtered out) and reaches a wavelength between 450 and 1900 nm. Since the hair follicles do not open lying in a line, but in different skin depths, IPL produces much better results.
  • Which body parts can be treated?
    All body regions can be treated with IPL. Only the eye region and the region on the head are excluded.
  • When is the result visible?
    After about 10-14 days, the hair that has been destroyed by the treatment falls out. If you pull at the hair, it will be pulled out without resistance, without feeling anything. Now you see for a short time that less hair is visible ... until the next generation of hair, which was in the resting phase, comes back into the growth phase. Then it will be time for the next treatment.
  • Contraindications, who can not be treated?"
    For pregnant people, people with epilepsy, people with a pacemaker or people with very dark skin (too much melanin), as well as on tattoos or permanent makeup, we do not perform any hair removal. Anyone suffering from skin diseases, skin cancer or pigmentation disorders should first ask their dermatologist if treatment with IPL makes sense. Also, no antibiotics should be taken at the time of treatment (one week from the last dose) or medications that make the skin more sensitive to light (eg St. John's wort).
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