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about our Methods

The following methods are offered at Haarfrei-Trier

3 wave diode laser


Since March 22 we have been using a diode laser with 3 wavelengths. The 3-wave diode laser is the most modern and efficient method of permanent hair removal on the market. Another advantage is the fact that even less of the treatment is dies off.

The diode laser combines 3 different laser wavelengths in one device.

The 755nm wavelength from the Alexandrite laser: has a low penetration depth and is therefore suitable for light and fine hair.

The 808 nm wavelength of the classic diode laser: Has a medium penetration depth

The 1064 nm wavelength of the Yag laser: has a high penetration depth and is suitable for darker skin and deeper roots










E-Light is a combination of IPL and radio frequency. At the same time as the IPL light flash, a radio frequency pulse is added, which softens the tissue around the hair root, so that the light or heat can penetrate the hair root even better.

With the IPL method (intensely pulsed light), harmless light is guided safely and gently to the hair root. The rise in temperature there destroys the protein in the hair root and this dies off.




The SHR method (Super Hair Removal) is a multiple pulse technology that targets melanin only peripherally and focuses primarily on the stem cells that produce new hair. With this phototherapy method, too, the melanin in the hair converts light from the non-visible near-infrared range into heat.


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