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Inhaberin Maren Burmeister

Maren Burmeister

speaks German and English




Have you ever felt that you absolutely have to do something?

Because the enthusiasm is so great?

That was what happened to me in 2006 when I had my hair removed on several parts of the body using the IPL method.

So I organized the right device, premises and training. In March 2007 I opened my own hair removal practice.

Since then, I have happily and happily freed women and men from unwanted hair. I keep myself up to date with regular training and the devices are regularly replaced to keep up to date with the latest technology.

Since September 2019 I have a nice and also very committed employee.

What is important to us

Honesty towards customers, e.g. about possibilities and limits of photoepilation. We do not perform treatments if we are not convinced that results are possible. If anything is unclear, the free trial treatment for the customer brings security.

Acting responsibly and responsibly, health is our greatest asset.

We take a lot of time for the consultation.

A fair business practice, there are no gag contracts with us, but the customer only pays for the treatment that has taken place.

For us, a non-binding consultation means non-binding! Nobody is persuaded to treatment or even pushed.


Inesa Vishniakova
speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English and German


Fateme Mohammadi

speaks Persian, Turkish, English and German




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