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Hair Removal
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For many people , both Women and men, are the body hairs a big aesthetic or psychic problem. Not a few suffer from the disagreeable results of the shaving or epilating like pimples, stubbles and ingrown hair. Just these lead with some people to suppurating inflammations.

with   IPL (intense pulsed light) Hair removal becomes the problems are solved.  after each treatment shrinks the numbers in hairs and with it also the problems with stubbles and ingrown hairs and one sees them less.

We offer you a free and non-binding consultation in which you will be informed about the mode of action, side effects and contraindications. We also offer you a free, small trial treatment. You can book both online.




Maren Burmeister

Südallee 34

54290 Trier

Tel: 0160-721 76 46





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